The Production Method

The Protected Geographical indication PGI Retsina of Attiki (ΠΓΕ Ρετσίνα Αττικής) allows the production of white and rosé wines, with the latter consisting of only a minor portion of the total production. Savatiano and the pink-skinned Roditis are the only two varieties permitted within the PGI rules. The PGI boundaries include all the viticultural zones of the prefecture of Attiki.

Retsina is made by adding a special type of resin (of the Pinus Halepensis tree) before or during the fermentation of the must. (as long as no more than 1/3 of the original sugar content has been converted to alcohol). The total amount allowed has been reduced to a maximum of 1 kilogram per 100 liters of must. However, most of the quality-minded producers are adding significantly less for their new-age Retsinas. Two other extremely important factors to be taken under consideration are the duration and the temperature of the extraction. These factors will define the final aromatic profile of the wine.