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Athens – A global gastronomy hub

Attiki possesses a rich culinary heritage. A great number of unique agricultural products are produced within the region and form the basis of the Mediterranean diet. The local gastronomy scene is booming and is considered to be one of the world’s most important and rapidly evolving gastronomic scenes. Athens is a leading gourmet destination and it is home to a large number of diverse restaurants: from fine-dining establishments to authentic street-food culture and traditional eateries (taverns) that offer an elevated gastronomic experience. Many of the top restaurants are reinventing traditional recipes to satisfy the modern palate. The vibrant city center is recognized as an Epicurean destination with visitors able to sample a world of flavors. Attiki is a melting pot of different gastronomic cultures from all over the world.

During the last years, a number of wine bars have opened offering fantastic wine experiences to locals and visitors. The multicultural gastronomic scene of Athens and the wonderful wines of Attiki will undoubtedly satisfy the most elegant and demanding palates.

salald and wine

Retsina, the most traditional Greek wine, is inextricably linked to the local food. For many people, Retsina is the ultimate foodfriendly wine, one that is capable of working with a large variety of different dishes. The same goes for the Savatiano grape and its presence in the several different PGI designations of Attiki. Most of these wines have developed alongside the local cuisine and are made to be paired with food.

Greek salad, an absolute classic of the Greek diet, is made from freshly cut summer vegetables, feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil. This is a lovely pairing for Savatiano, but not the only one. Many vegetable-based dishes will go extremely well with this grape variety. A local fish from the Saronic or Corinthian Gulfs will be a lovely partner for the local white wines, as well as Retsina. Meat and poultry are also a match made in heaven for a number of local PGIs made from reds or whites.

Attiki is a farmer’s paradise for a number of local products. Honey, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, dairy products and animal husbandry are among the greatest “ambassadors” of the land. Among these products, wine occupies a distinct place. The agricultural products of Megara, the hand-made pasta of Elefsina, the vegetables of Marathon, the pistachios of Aegina, the honey of Kythira, and the PGI wines of Attiki create a rich culinary canvas.