Food & Retsina pairings

Retsina is capable of pairing with a great number of dishes and this is probably a way to fully understand the wine’s unique character. For many people, Retsina is the ultimate foodfriendly wine that comes from the Greek vineyard, as it goes with almost everything and even works extremely well with contrasting or very intense flavors.

When it comes to pairing, the wine’s pungent flavors can match almost everything and even works with dishes that are regarded as notorious “wine-killers” for other wines because of the food’s intense flavors. Every sip is an interplay of complex flavors and freshness that can stand up to the cornucopia of different flavors that define a classic Greek supper. This versatility is a key aspect of Retsina’s character.

You will enjoy a PGI Retsina of Attiki (ΠΓΕ Ρετσίνα Αττικής) with salted, strong-flavored fish, raw shellfish, with a variety of seafood or meat-based “mezedes” (small plates). It will intensify the flavors of spicy cheeses or fried food.

Large family-style tables based on the concept of sharing food with contrasting flavors are an excellent place for Retsina. A table laid out with a splendid array of Greek mezedes invites the sharing of food as well as joy, friendship, love and communication between family and friends. Retsina has forever been an integral part of these kind of festivities. That is why no one should overlook the fact that this is a wine deeply rooted in
the taste as well as the “blood” of Greeks.

Retsina – Perfect wine pairings suggestions

Greek Food Pairing Suggestions

  • Greek salad
  • Salted anchovies with olive oil and lemon or vinegar
  • Small fried fish
  • Fried cod with a crunchy crust and garlic aioli
  • Caviar spreads
  • Grilled seabream with olive oil – lemon sauce
  • Chickpeas, slow-cooked in the oven with aromatic herbs

Asian & Other Food Pairings Suggestions

  • Sushi & sashimi
  • Ceviche with citrus and pungent spices
  • Fried rice with shrimps and vegetables
  • Seafood Stir fry
  • Indian spicy wrap with chicken tikka masala
  • Dim Sum